About Me

Who Am I?

Riding my bikes has taken me on some great adventures and given me some amazing memories. I want all of my customers to experience the same joy I feel when riding their bikes. My goal is to make your bike the best it can be and enable you to create some great memories of your own.

At the age of 21 I can't measure my experience in years, but I make up for it in passion and curiosity. I keep up with the latest technology and thinking and I am always reflecting to improve my practices and craft. 

I've worked in some fantastic but challenging environments. From cycle guiding in the Greek Islands, maintaining a fleet of 40+ bikes and guiding groups of customers on daily rides. To Watt-shaving in the wind tunnel at the Boardman Performance Centre. To setting up The Grease Monkey in June 2020 as a mobile repair specialist to now opening my workshop in April 2021. 

If I'm not in the workshop then I'm out improving my riding skills, going on adventures, driving to the local trail centres to push my limits, or racing round a muddy field in a local cyclocross race. You could say I'm cycling crazy and have been since the age of 9.